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Wow, this is my new favourite thing.

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I have no idea who made this, but it’s beautiful and they should be proud.

this is the most beautiful thing i have EVER SEEN

the ghosts’ (re?)death rattles come from the wiimote

excuse me while i NOPE OFF INTO THE SUN

I have NOPE’d aloud like twice at this game; I dunno if it’s the addition of motion controls or what but I feel a sudden and intense need for an adult.

(Okay maybe not intense but I kind of wish I had a second person here.)


It is time. (Finally!)

I cannot actually explain my level of excitement for this. I may actually vibrate right into the sun, I’m so happy.


Mirror of Xbox executive Don Mattrick speaks his mind on Xbox One bashing by MuppetHandler (which in all likelihood is another mirror, but crediting because yes)

I mirrored a similar video earlier, but I’m mirroring this one for two reasons. First, the added little bonus of Mattrick implying that the only people that will be affected by the online verification will be “on a nuclear sub.”

(People in rural areas, or have difficulty connecting consoles to the internet would like to have a word with you. Also, shocker, solders, people with little to no internet, and people outside your main territories play video games too! What a twist!)

The other reason is that I would also like to post the video’s description, which I think gives some good insight into why viacom/microsoft want this video off the internet: 

“Stick with 360? That’s your message?” -interviewer
This is a previously unaired interview from today that was aired by mistake when one of Spike TV’s correspondents was having microphone trouble. They quickly aired this instead while he fixed his mic, and pulled it ASAP. Spike TV was also paid off to not show Sony’s press conference so you can bet they will try to keep a tight lid on this blunder. Tell everyone you know. 

Like with my last post on this subject, I don’t care about notes, if you are able to, try and download this video and spread it to as many people that you can. They have been taking these videos down, and i’m not sure if they will turn their attention to other social media sites. If these go down, I will try and put up another mirror.

People need to hear this from a microsoft exec themselves about how they just don’t give a fuck about their fanbase and consumers. After all, we can look at the console all day, but I feel their own words are what really is the nail in this coffin.

(I asked a friend if she could help write a transcript, so I’ll update this post with that later on if I can get a hold of that.)

Neither of us are really into the “console wars” concept (read: we really don’t give a shit what you play on), but Microsoft just grows steadily more infuriating the longer they talk about the Xbox One and how little they care about people who don’t enjoy the new business model they’re implementing.

This has moved beyond “fuck the haters” and right into “fuck the consumers” territory.

They certainly won’t be seeing a dime out of me.

» And roll credits!

That was incredible. I can’t think of any other word to use. This game is cinematic, but not overambitious — you know what it’s meant to accomplish, and it does that. And it does more.

I grew up with Lara. I wanted to be Lara.

And for the last two days, I felt like I really was.

I can honestly say as a frequent player of even some of the “scariest” horror titles on the market, this game stressed and worried and unnerved me more than anything I’ve played in a long time. The danger and thrill sometimes felt very close.

Crystal Dynamics has given us something absolutely stellar, here. If there were flaws, I didn’t have time to look for or at them. I was too busy trying to aim with shaking hands and trying not to hold my breath.

If you haven’t played Tomb Raider, do it. Just go and pick it up. I know it’s a reboot and we’re conditioned to flinch at the very idea, but I promise you: this is the best thing that has happened to this franchise in a long time.

Now excuse me, I have to go nurse this recently-developed heart problem … call me when the next entry is announced. That’ll be a first-day pre-order for me.

sneaking past a frillion stormguard at once

my nerves

are shot



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