» Well, that’s a wrap on Lollipop Chainsaw!

Just rolled the credits. That was a ride.

It wasn’t perfect — few games are, if any, and perfection is a very relative thing. But it was worth the $60 for sure, particularly for Suda51 fans (or, if you have no idea who that is by name alone, if you liked No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned, pick this up).

I think it’s probably the most accessible game he’s made; if you don’t quite know his style or humor I think I’d tell people this would be a good game to start with.

It’s over the top, ridiculous, unapologetically camp, outrageously funny and well-made. And it might just be one of my favourite games of 2012 so far.

Do yourself a favor: play this game. I’d like to encourage everyone who can to buy it and support Grasshopper Manufacture so we can get more great Suda51 work like this, so if you can, please do. But if you can’t afford the expense right now, at least borrow or rent it to play through once until you can make the purchase. You’ll laugh yourself sick, and you’ll enjoy every second.

Just make sure you stick around until after the credits are done rolling! :)

» … nevermind, back to the crazy.

That didn’t take long.

» What?

That was a shockingly heartfelt set of moments for a game this insane.

I’m trying not to spoil for people, but … wow. Wow, um.


» … am I about to fight T-Pain?

That’s autotune, Juliet, not Stephen Hawking’s voice software.

It is so gloriously entertaining doing the pole dance kills with the Ash Williams skin.

» "I dunno what’s goin’ on, but I’m havin’ a blast!"

Thank you, Nick, for summing up this entire game.

Juliet: Do you want to have babies someday, Nick?
Nick: I think that's rather irrelevant, considering my situation.
Juliet: I dunno. We could take a skin sample and put it in a petri dish and use magic to GROW a baby!
Nick: Well, maybe.
Juliet: Cool! There's a fifty percent chance it'll be a cannibal.
I think those zombies were trying to bukkake me!
» D: Morikawa-sensei!