“Defend Your Home With Your Very Own Portal 2 Turret”

Valve and the merchandise vendor, Gaming Heads, has teamed up together to bring you the latest in nerdy décor. The Aperture turret stands at approximately 16 inches tall and includes a motion sensor that activates the eye light of your deadly friend. The turret is constructed of poly-stone, and is hand painted and finished. The statue also comes packed in a foam interior full coloured box with a validation card that ensures your product is genuine.

The exclusive version of this turret features a sound chip which plays in-game sounds from Portal 2, but has unfortunately already sold out (however you can be put on a wait list). The standard turrets are still available for $299.99 each, but numbers are limited and will be given on a first come first sever basis. 

(via Game Informer, Gaming Heads)